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24 yrs, 5 feet, 150 lbs, dress size 10 
Two hours before this photo was taken, I was standing in the shower crying my eyes out wishing my mother were alive to tell me how beautiful I was. Instead my fiancé was nervously standing outside the shower stall reassuring me that I was not a disgusting blob of a human being who did not deserve his love. I felt such self-loathing because six months after purchasing my dress, it would not zip up all the way. 
I could go on about how as I child I was taunted on a regular basis about my weight and how it has negatively affected my self-image, but the sad fact is I am still being taunted to this day. Only now it’s the endless bridal magazines that only feature women who are 50 pounds lighter and a foot taller than me. It’s the middle-aged women at my work that are constantly giving me weight loss tips without having asked for them. It’s my personal trainer reminding me that they can take my dress in two sizes when I have made it clear my ultimate goal is health, not weight loss. It’s my grandma who was adamant that I should not get a wedding dress one size up to be more comfortable because six months is a long time to lose 10 pounds. 
WELL GUESS WHAT SOCIETY! I HAVE CURVES AND THEY ARE DAMN SEXY. Why is it that on the happiest day of my life I should be a starving skeleton like version of myself? I want to be round and soft so I can embrace my family and friends with an abundance of my being. Why are women expected to look like coat racks and give their wedding dresses all the attention? I am wearing my wedding dress it is not wearing me.  
I just really want to know, who decided that becoming a bride means giving permission to be scrutinized by society? Being a bride, does not give you permission to talk about my weight. There is this revolutionary concept that all women are allowed to love the bodies they have and not be expected to change them to meet your narrow definition of beauty.

Before reading this, I only saw the picture. My first thought when I saw the picture is that that dress looks gorgeous on her! You look fucking amazing and that dress looks beautiful! I wish you the best life with your husband!


life hack: don’t join tumblr


"Rape jokes aren’t harmful!"
A 16 year old girl’s sexual assault just became a fucking meme in less than a day and you don’t think that has any correlation to people not taking rape seriously?


Be kind to one another and most importantly yourself. 


Remember kids, a selfie a day keeps the negative body image away.


Snack time: strawberry banana peach mango smoothie topped with hemp seeds, chia seeds, more strawberries, and raw cashews
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I can not count the number of times this trick has saved my ass.

And people say Tumblr doesn’t teach you life skills…

this will come in handy one day


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